Tworb's Smithing

A shop on Justice Street, Trade District, Darkhammer.

Proprietor: Thomas Tworb



  • 3,125gp – Vicious Weapon (DMG 209)
  • 2,500gp – Dagger of Venom (DMG 161)
  • 2,511gp – Giant Slayer (DMG 172)
  • 3,371gp – Life Stealing Weapon (DMG 206)


  • Crafting – Requires Formulas
    5% Commission (not included below).
    PCs with spell slots and of the appropriate level can assist, subtracting 1 additional day per assisting PC
    Common. 100gp, 4 days, 3rd Level
    Uncommon. 500gp, 20 days, 3rd Level
    Rare. 5,000gp, 200 days, 6th Level
  • Repair
    5% of the item’s value, takes 2 days per point of damage
  • Training
    Group. (3 days over 2 weeks, 3gp). Counts as 4 days toward proficiency with the tools.
    One-on-one. (5 days over 2 weeks, 15gp). Counts as 10 days toward proficiency with the tools.

Tworb's Smithing

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